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  • Bloody Maria Recipe made with delicious STOUT Looking to give that Bloody Mary recipe a little shake up? Check out this Bloody Maria recipe my friend, Christine Carlson at @C.R.A.V.I.N.G.S whipped up with some delicious STOUT Bloody Mary Blend Ingredients Ice cubes[...]
  • STOUT Bloody Mary BBQ...

    STOUT Bloody Mary BBQ Wings a bloody good wing recipe This past Memorial Weekend I was looking for something interesting to BBQ. Always wanting to incorporate my recipes with Bloody Mary's I decided to make some grilled wings and baste[...]
  • Super Bowl LI Deviled...

    Super Bowl Deviled Eggswith an asian bloody mary twist "Super Bowl Sunday, it's all about the food." Don't get me wrong the teams are important, the commercials tend to be knee-slapping hilarious and the the half time shows are always[...]
  • Fiery Bloody Mimosa Recipe

    Fiery Bloody Mimosa made with Van Gogh Vodka Citroen  It's safe to say that "Winter is Coming"... So why waste time inside when you should be outside soaking up the rays and sipping on refreshing summertime cocktails. With summer in[...]
  • Bloody Brown Recipe

    Bloody Brown RecipeMade with Speyburn's Single Malt Scotch In recent years bars and restaurants have been trying to create over the top Bloody Mary's with just about any type of garnish in them - whole fried chickens, Cornish Hens, Bacon[...]
  • Pickers Vodka Infused Cherry...

    Vodka Infused Cherry Tomatoes made with 11 times distilled Pickers Vodka  The spring and summer are all about entertaining guest indoors and outdoors. Whether you're having people over to watch the Kentucky Derby, barbecuing with the neighbors or having a[...]
  • Old Moscow

    Old Moscow Mugs 100% copper mugs It's hard to go into any bar in Chicago and not find someone drinking a Moscow Mule. For those who aren't familiar with a Moscow Mule, or also known as a Vodka Buck, they[...]
  • Our Detroit

    Our Detroit a micro-distillery located in Southwest Detroit Forget all the talk about farm to table or eating local because the new trend these days is distillery to bar or drinking local. I know I sound crazy and I might[...]
  • Celery Snapper

    Celery Snapper a gin bloody made with Rutte Spirits Over the past few years I've become a huge fan of gin cocktails and craft nano distilleries throughout the US and abroad. I've grown so fond of this juniper berry spirit[...]
  • Spicy Orange Basil Bloody

    Spicy Orange Basil Bloody made with Bella Mar Orange Basil Vodka With spring right around the corner I’m constantly looking for new recipes that will cater to the upcoming BBQ’s and day drinking events. So when I came across Bella[...]
  • Zucchini Bloody Mary Shots

    Zucchini Bloody Mary Shots made with the innovative Rokz Salt My favorite time of year is without a doubt spring. To me it's the finest of the seasons for a couple logical reasons. One, the weather finally breaks and you[...]
  • Grilled Cheese Bloody Mary’s

    Grilled Cheese Bloody Mary'smade with Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix Ever have that yearning where you're craving a crispy, gooey, grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup? Well living in Chicago, in the winter we're constantly getting that craving. This past weekend[...]

    PAR TEA SRIRACHA INFUSED VODKA a fiery double pepper vodka recipe After reading Edible Crafts' article on 50 Unique and Not-So-Unique Infusions, I've been pretty much obsessed with infusing as much as possible. I've learned that you can keep these[...]

    MANHATTAN DIRTY MARY MARTINIthe decorative version of the Bloody Mary With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to find a tasty new Bloody Mary recipe to make from the Bloody Mary Society.[...]
  • Kansas City BBQ Bloody...

    Looking for a tasty pig skin recipe for the Super Bowl? Want to impress all your guest? Check out this Kansas City BBQ Bloody Mary Recipe!

  • Bacon Infused Vodka

    What do you get when you combine fiery spice, pork and booze? Bacon infused Serrano pepper vodka! Yes, you heard that right with my latest Bloody Mary concoction.

  • Blood Orange Bloody Mary

    On a side note I always keep old pickle juice in my fridge for recipes like this. Over time I add peppers in it and it just gets better and better.

  • Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

    After drinking Bloody Mary’s aggressively for years now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m looking to do the next best thing with the mix. Don’t get me wrong I still love a strong and spicy Bloody Mary after a[…]

  • Sportsman’s Red Neck Juice

    This past weekend I decided to get a little hillbillyish with my brunch and whipped up some “Red Neck Bloody’s”. I recently received some Sportsman’s Redneck Juice so thought this would be the perfect Bloody Mary mix to do some[…]

  • START! Curry Bloody Mary...

    Right before the holidays I came across an awesome recipe on Instagram. It was a Curry Bloody Mary recipe posted by the folks at START! Hot Curry Sauce. I was pretty surprised that I had never heard of this combination because[…]

  • Super Bowl Bloody Mary...

    So a couple months back I was watching Giada at Home (yes her show is amazing I know) and I came across her making Bloody Mary Dip. I was amazed because I had never seen anyone make Bloody Mary dip[…]

  • Citrus Bloody Mary Recipe

    After drinking Bloodys all Memorial weekend by Monday I felt the urge to get a little creative with them. A few months back my roommate found a Blood Orange Bloody Mary recipe that turned out awesome. Inspired to try the[…]




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