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  • Vaportini’s & Hemp Vodka

    Vaping Hemp Vodkawith the new Vaportini kit I think it's safe to say that this past weekend I have reached the future of drinking for not only myself but drinkers all over. Normally I would stick with writing about my[...]
  • Fiery Bloody Mimosa Recipe

    Fiery Bloody Mimosa made with Van Gogh Vodka Citroen  It's safe to say that "Winter is Coming"... So why waste time inside when you should be outside soaking up the rays and sipping on refreshing summertime cocktails. With summer in[...]
  • Bloody Brown Recipe

    Bloody Brown RecipeMade with Speyburn's Single Malt Scotch In recent years bars and restaurants have been trying to create over the top Bloody Mary's with just about any type of garnish in them - whole fried chickens, Cornish Hens, Bacon[...]
  • Bloody Tomatillo Shots

    Bloody Tomatillo Shots made with Salty Iguana Bloody Mary Mix With the summery weather in full effect people are itching to entertain friends, neighbors and anyone else they can drag into their backyards. Over the past few weeks I've probably[...]
  • Pickers Vodka Infused Cherry...

    Vodka Infused Cherry Tomatoes made with 11 times distilled Pickers Vodka  The spring and summer are all about entertaining guest indoors and outdoors. Whether you're having people over to watch the Kentucky Derby, barbecuing with the neighbors or having a[...]
  • Old Moscow

    Old Moscow Mugs 100% copper mugs It's hard to go into any bar in Chicago and not find someone drinking a Moscow Mule. For those who aren't familiar with a Moscow Mule, or also known as a Vodka Buck, they[...]
  • Four Corners Tavern Group

    Four Corners Tavern Group creative bar food Stroll down any block in Chicago and you'll be troubled to not find a bar or restaurant on every corner. Doesn't matter if you're on the Northside, Southside or Westside because Chicago's 77[...]
  • Our Detroit

    Our Detroit a micro-distillery located in Southwest Detroit Forget all the talk about farm to table or eating local because the new trend these days is distillery to bar or drinking local. I know I sound crazy and I might[...]
  • Chicago’s Bloody Mary Competition...

    Bloody Mary Fest featuring Chicago's Bloody Mary Competition 3the event for boozy brunch lovers Chicago's highly anticipated Bloody Mary Fest is finally returning this spring and will be held at Logan Square Auditorium on May 15th. The event will consist[...]
  • Celery Snapper

    Celery Snapper a gin bloody made with Rutte Spirits Over the past few years I've become a huge fan of gin cocktails and craft nano distilleries throughout the US and abroad. I've grown so fond of this juniper berry spirit[...]
  • Copper Mountain Resort

    Copper Mountain Resort a bloody good place to ski, eat and relax This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday with close friends in beautiful Colorado. We stayed at my family's place in Boulder and decided to drive out to Copper Mountain Ski[...]
  • Spicy Orange Basil Bloody

    Spicy Orange Basil Bloody made with Bella Mar Orange Basil Vodka With spring right around the corner I’m constantly looking for new recipes that will cater to the upcoming BBQ’s and day drinking events. So when I came across Bella[...]
  • Cochon Volant

    Cochon Volant proper french breakfast This past weekend I was picking up  my girlfriend up from the Loop when we decided we wanted to grab some tasty brunch. If you've ever been to the Loop on the weekend it's practically[...]
  • Rutte Distillateurs Half Shell...

    Rutte Distillateurs Half Shell Hideaway If I had to pick one variation of the Bloody Mary it would without a doubt be the Red Snapper. For those who aren't too familiar with the different variations of the Bloody, it's one[...]
  • Zucchini Bloody Mary Shots

    Zucchini Bloody Mary Shots made with the innovative Rokz Salt My favorite time of year is without a doubt spring. To me it's the finest of the seasons for a couple logical reasons. One, the weather finally breaks and you[...]
  • Grilled Cheese Bloody Mary’s

    Grilled Cheese Bloody Mary'smade with Stirrings Bloody Mary Mix Ever have that yearning where you're craving a crispy, gooey, grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup? Well living in Chicago, in the winter we're constantly getting that craving. This past weekend[...]

    PAR TEA SRIRACHA INFUSED VODKA a fiery double pepper vodka recipe After reading Edible Crafts' article on 50 Unique and Not-So-Unique Infusions, I've been pretty much obsessed with infusing as much as possible. I've learned that you can keep these[...]

    MANHATTAN DIRTY MARY MARTINIthe decorative version of the Bloody Mary With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to find a tasty new Bloody Mary recipe to make from the Bloody Mary Society.[...]
  • Foxtrot Chicago

    Foxtrot Chicagospirits, snacks and daily necessities to your front door We've all had those bitter cold Sunday's here in Chicago, where all you want to do is curl up under your favorite blanket, binge watch 15 episodes of Parks and[...]
  • Kansas City BBQ Bloody...

    Looking for a tasty pig skin recipe for the Super Bowl? Want to impress all your guest? Check out this Kansas City BBQ Bloody Mary Recipe!

  • Bloody Mary Society

    Bloody Mary Society a community of Bloody Mary lovers Years have gone by, searching and hunting the internet for where to find the most delicious, mouthwatering Bloody Mary recipes. Exploring mediocre blogs that claim to have the "best Bloody Mary recipe"[...]
  • Brewt’s Bloody Mary

    I’m obsessed with anything from Michigan. So when I got my hands on this tasty mix I was ecstatic to say the least.

  • Work Bloody Bar

    Work Bloody Mary BarImpress all your colleagues This past Friday we had our monthly brunch event at work. It entails a Bloody Mary Bar, Mimosas, and lot's of tasty snacks. Today I'll show you how to make the perfect work[...]
  • Fremont

    Fremont River North just got a hot new neighbor Owning a bar or restaurant in Chicago could be one of the toughest professions in the city. The rent is high. The crowds are spoiled with an abundance of options. And[...]
  • Bacon Infused Vodka

    What do you get when you combine fiery spice, pork and booze? Bacon infused Serrano pepper vodka! Yes, you heard that right with my latest Bloody Mary concoction.

  • Shaw’s Crab House

    The Buffet is broken into six different areas, Surf & Turf, Shaw’s Grand Buffet, Omelet & Waffle Kitchen, Cold Seafood Bar, Shaw’s Sweets Table and most importantly the Brunch Cocktails.

  • Happy Camper

    It feels like an Up North Michigan watering hole with a modern sports bar feel to it. Sounds weird but it works all too well.

  • Blood Orange Bloody Mary

    On a side note I always keep old pickle juice in my fridge for recipes like this. Over time I add peppers in it and it just gets better and better.

  • Chicago Gourmet

    NASCAR has the Daytona 500. Baseball lovers have the World Series. Music junkies dance to Coachella. Pigskin enthusiast have the Super Bowl. Europeans have the Tour De France. Beer guzzlers have Oktoberfest.

  • Buffalo Betty

    I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ve tried majority of the different types of Bloody Mary mixes in the United States – chipotle, tomatillo, habanero, wasabi, BBQ, fiery, horseradish, bacon and the list goes on and on.

  • Bloody Mary Jello Shots

    I personally hate Jello. I hate the weird texture it has. I hate the fake sweet taste. I hate how I don’t know to chew it or just swallow it. You get the point I have a passionate dislike for Jello.[…]

  • Malibu Mary

    This past memorial weekend I went up to beautiful Wautoma,WI with a group of about 10 friends. We rented a cottage deep in the northern woods on roughly about 15 acres of lush wooded property

  • ROCKS Lakeview

    White Trash Nachos, Bang Bang Pies, Deep Fried Snickers, Steak and Eggs, Big Kahuna Burgers, Boss Hog Bloody Mary’s and much much more at ROCKS Lakeview in Chicago.

  • “Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday”...

    Just when I thought Brunch couldn’t get any more interesting Second City rolls out their “Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday” show.

  • GT Fish & Oyster

    GT FISH & OYSTER   I’m honestly pretty convinced that nothing pairs better with a Bloody Mary than oysters. As they say “When you eat oysters, you wake up”, which is always the case with a good Bloody Mary first thing[…]

  • Big Ass Bloody Mary’s

    Big Ass Bloody Mary’s Any restaurant or bar in Chicago that advertises they have “Big Ass Bloody Mary’s” immeditatly goes on my radar. Do you know how often I hear brunch joints stressing that they have the best and most delicious[…]

  • Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

    After drinking Bloody Mary’s aggressively for years now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m looking to do the next best thing with the mix. Don’t get me wrong I still love a strong and spicy Bloody Mary after a[…]

  • Drinking for Charity

    Santa Monica, California, is known for its beautiful blue skies, ocean views, the ferris wheel on the pier, and lazy days laying on the beach. But, now there is a new activity to add to the list when you visit,[…]

  • 10 Bar tools

    If I had to pick one bartending weapon it would be without a doubt the cocktail shaker. And trust me there are a lot of bartending tools out there- Traditional Shaker, Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Julep Strainer, Jigger, Bar spoon,[…]

  • Sportsman’s Red Neck Juice

    This past weekend I decided to get a little hillbillyish with my brunch and whipped up some “Red Neck Bloody’s”. I recently received some Sportsman’s Redneck Juice so thought this would be the perfect Bloody Mary mix to do some[…]

  • Exteme Beans

    When it comes to pickled things I’m a pretty big sucker. I’m constantly buying new pickles brands at the grocery, shooting the shit with the pickle guys at the farmers market and I’m always trying to pickle weird shit at[…]

  • Virgin Hotel Chicago

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to try the brand new Commons Social Club inside the beautiful Virgin Hotel. The Virgin Hotel Just opened this past January and it’s been quite the buzz around Chicago. With everyone talking about[…]

  • Tru Bloody Mary Mix

    Not sure the reasoning behind this but everytime I come across a pickle company that also makes Bloody Mary mix, the mix turns out so delicious. No joke some of the best Bloody Mary companies out there like McClures, Preservation Co and[…]

  • Saint Lucifer Spice

    Few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram’s endless popular page when I came across Saint Lucifer’s spice. I’ve come across many different spice mixes on Instagram but this one really caught my attention. For one the name is Saint Lucifer[…]

  • North East Florida

    This past Memorial Weekend I was lucky enough to make it down to my parents house in Ormond Beach,Florida. My girlfriend and me left Wednesday night and stayed through the Holiday. During our visit we decided to hit all the[…]

  • Spirit of Chicago Brunch...

    Eat, Drink & B. Mary Brunch Cruise  This past Sunday we got invited to go on the  Spirit of Chicago and take their all new Eat, Drink & B. Mary Brunch cruise. I’ve seen these massive yachts docked at Navy[…]

  • Balsam Farms

    Holy Sh*t! This is without a doubt the freshest Bloody Mary mix I’ve had in a long time and maybe ever…About 2-3 weeks ago Balsam Farms reached out to me regarding their Bloody Mary mix. Just like any other mix[…]

  • Crazy Good Speciality Foods

    A few weeks ago I received a package from my hometown of Memphis,TN. Crazy Good Specialty Foods was cool enough to send me some of their Bloody Mary mix and a couple bottles of hot sauce. Being obsessed with Bloody[…]

  • Bakin and Eggs

    This past weekend I hit up a brunch joint I’ve been meaning to try for some time now. I had attempted it before but the wait was roughly 45 min to and hour which is way too long for me(But[…]

  • LAVA Bloody Mary Mix

    Roughly about a month ago I was contacted by LAVA to try their new top shelf Bloody Mary mix. I was pretty excited about this because I had never heard of the company before , they claimed to have a[…]

  • The Rookwood

    This past holiday weekend I went down to Cincinnati with my girlfriend and family. It was a mix of holiday stuff and wedding planning for my sister’s August wedding. After roughly 24 hours of listening to non-stop wedding planning I[…]

  • Texas Beach Bloody Mary...

    “Richmond on the Rocks” I recently had the opportunity to try some delicious mix all the way from Texas Beach. No I’m not talking about the longhorn state of Texas down south, but actually Texas Beach, VA(First for me too).[…]

  • Jolene’s Jar Pickles

    I recently came across Jolene’s Jar pickles on Instagram and immediately became hooked. Not just because I’m obsessed with pickles or anything pickled but because she has such a variety of unique flavors…. Pickled Marsala Chickpeas, Spicy Bloody Mary Garnish,[…]

  • Miss Mary’s Bloody Mary...

    Gotta say this mix is definitely in my top 5 now. Before I even tried this mix I knew it was going to be good. I always do a “Shake Test” to see what kind of spices and goodies are[…]

  • Lucille’s Bloody Mary Seasoning

    Gotta say this is one of my favorite Bloody Mary seasoning mixes. These have become very popular over the past couple years and so far this is the best one I’ve tried. I received the Cajun style and it indeed[…]

  • MT Rose Bloody Mary...

    Huge thanks to Mt Rose Drinks for sending me these great tasting gifts. The Salsa Bloody Mary mix is killer good! If your not in the mood you can also try their regular Bloody Mary Mix which is fantastic! If[…]

  • South Beach Syrup Co.

      I was pretty excited when SBSC reached out to me expressing they wanted me to try their wasabi Bloody Mary mix. The wasabi is something I’ve never had or seen in a Bloody Mary mix before…I definitely wasn’t let[…]

  • Ripe Bar Juice

      Gotta say this is the Cadillac of Bloody Mary mixes! I was a little skeptical when I heard about the all natural Bloody Mary juice thinking it might be too much like tomato soup…boy oh boy was I wrong![…]

  • Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary...

    I have to say I was again pleased with this Mix. Ubon’s sent me a surprise box of their new “Pit Masters Spicy Mix” and I was not let down! Not only did it have that smokey BBQ taste but[…]

  • Cicero Beverage(Bacon Bloody Mary...

    Bacon Bloody Mary Mix…well enough said I’m sold! Gotta say this was one of the more creative Bloody Mary mixes I’ve had in a long time. I always known bacon was a perfect garnish but for someone to add it[…]

  • RePublica

    RePublica   So finally made it back to RePublica in Berkley, MI. I had already been here and really enjoyed their food but thought it was time to give their Bloody Mary a shot. Upon first glance I was a[…]

  • Trenchermen Chicago

    TRENCHERMEN So last weekend I finally had the opportunity to taste Trenchermen in Bucktown. It’s a tough spot to find if you aren’t looking for it and is hidden just north of the six points intersection in Wickerpark. I’ve been for[…]

  • START! Curry Bloody Mary...

    Right before the holidays I came across an awesome recipe on Instagram. It was a Curry Bloody Mary recipe posted by the folks at START! Hot Curry Sauce. I was pretty surprised that I had never heard of this combination because[…]

  • Super Bowl Bloody Mary...

    So a couple months back I was watching Giada at Home (yes her show is amazing I know) and I came across her making Bloody Mary Dip. I was amazed because I had never seen anyone make Bloody Mary dip[…]

  • Charleston Bloody Mary Mix

    My friends at Charleston Bloody Mary mix recently sent me a package of their goods and the “BOLD & SPICY” labeling was the first thing that caught my eye. I’ve seen this before on other mixes so I was a[…]

  • The Real Dill

    As soon as I came across this company on Instagram I was hooked! A pickle company that makes Bloody Mary mix?!?!?! Honestly it really doesn’t get any juicier than that. The Real Dill was created by Justin Park and Tyler[…]

  • Purely Syrup Cocktail Syrup

    “The Habanero flavor for instance, with smoky and vegetable overtones, would be absolutely perfect to create a “Habanero Bloody Mary“.” The second I read this I was determined I had to get my hands on some Purely Syrup and start[…]

  • Big Tom Bloody Mary...

    I’ve been eyeing this mix for quite some time now so when I finally received a case it was safe to say, “Happy Hanukkah Marv”. This mix has to be one of the most widely posted mixes on Instagram and Twitter[…]

  • Bloody Maria Bar Mixes

    This was my first time trying Bloody Mary mix from New Mexico so needless to say I was a little curious, and skeptical… After receiving my package in the mail and checking out their website it I can tell you[…]

  • Chicago’s Top 10 Best...

    Fountainhead Frasca Twisted Spoke Bub City Glenn’s Diner Tweet Let’s Eat Homeslice Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap The Publican Eleven City Diner 1. Fountainhead- Known for it’s Heatus Kleatus Bloody Mary served with real aquavit.This Bloody has quite the kick and[…]

  • Powell & Mahoney LTD

    Right when I thought Bloody Mary companies couldn’t get anymore creative this happens….Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix! A couple weeks ago I received a few bottles of Powell & Mahoney’s Bloody Mary Mix in three flavors- Sriracha, Chipotle, and  Original. After[…]

  • Windy City BBQ Classic

    Last weekend I had the opportunity of attending my first ever Windy City BBQ Classic. The event is held each year at Solider Field and comprises of 40 pit masters competing to be the glorius Grand Champion. The BBQ classic[…]

  • T.C. Trotters Moose Mix

    Last weekend my roommate Cooper and me had the opportunity of trying some Bloody Mix all the way from Lynchburg,VA. T.C. Trotters Moose Mix has been around for the past 30 years being sold mostly in VA until 2004. In[…]

  • Chicago Gourmet, presented by...

    Last week I had the oppurtunity of attending my first ever Chicago Gourment. I had heard a lot about this event from other foodies and bloggers in the past but didn’t really understand how amazing it was until I got[…]

  • Bloody Amazing Bloody Mary...

    Over this past weekend I had the opportunity to try some pretty amazing mix all the way from St Simmons Island, GA. I was a little skeptical at first since I’ve never heard of the company nor have I had[…]

  • Spritzburger

    When chefs collide! I finally had the opportunity of trying Spritzburger a couple weeks back and I wasn’t let down. My girlfriend had been begging me to go so we finally decided to make the hike over to Boystown. The[…]

  • Master of Mixes-Chef Anthony...

    What do you get when you combine The Food Network’s award winning Chef Anthony Lamas and Bloody Mary Mix? An amazing gourmet chef inspired Bloody Mary Juice! Not sure why this hasn’t been created sooner but it’s all so genius.[…]

  • Bloody Mary Competition @...

    September 14th brings back the second Bloody Mary Competition at Park West in Lincoln Park. Round 2 of the competition will be from 11am to 2pm and will cost $35 which will include drinks and food. While the concept is[…]

  • The Allis @ Soho...

    In the past month or so all I’ve heard about is Soho House this and Soho House that…So when I was invited this past weekend I was pretty excited to see what the fuss was all about. And yes all of[…]

  • FIG & OLIVE Restaurant

    Truffle Mushroom Fontina Scrambled Eggs, Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, Poached Eggs with Salmon, Lobster Bisque, Mixed Olive Appetizers….Wow Do I need to say anything else? My roommate had been talking up a storm about FIG & OLIVE in recent weeks[…]

  • Wicked Bloody Mary Mix...

    When you think of airplane Bloody Mary’s what do you think of? Cold tomato soup, not seasoned, thick….I’m sure you could ramble off plenty more that describe these mile high cocktails. I gotta say Alaskan Airlines is not the case.[…]

  • New Jack Daniels Patio...

    Beer, Hot Dogs, Baseball and Whiskey? On paper it doesn’t sound all that great but at the new Jack Daniels Patio it goes down all too well. Just when you thought Wrigley Field couldn’t fit any more alcoholic beverages, it does.[…]

  • Citrus Bloody Mary Recipe

    After drinking Bloodys all Memorial weekend by Monday I felt the urge to get a little creative with them. A few months back my roommate found a Blood Orange Bloody Mary recipe that turned out awesome. Inspired to try the[…]

  • New Orleans

    Where to start? First of all NOLA is like no other city I’ve ever been to…no joke it’s like a different country. I’ve been all over the US and no city compares to what you’ll find down in Bayou country.[…]

  • Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap

    When people ask about my favorite Bloody Mary spots in Chicago Stanley’s always makes the top five list. Why?? Well first of all they have without a doubt the best Bloody Mary Bar in Chicago and for that matter any[…]

  • Hooters! Hooters! Hooters!

    Delightfully tacky yet unrefined! Wow what a surprise this place was. I knew they had good wings but had know idea about the Bloody Marys! There’s not much I can write about Hooters…Great finger foods, girls in tacky orange shorts,[…]

  • City View Tavern

    I really hate to say it but this could have been the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had…wow! If you ever get to visit Cincinnati I highly recommend stopping by City View Tavern. It’s a small bar up on the[…]

  • Silver Cloud

    Snazzy Bloody Mary’s and great brunch. What else could you ask for? Plus this spot has about 6 different kinds of EggsBenedict including the Macho Nacho Benedict… Recommend this spot to anyone looking for great brunch or a drink on[…]

  • Commonwealth Tavern

    Commonwealth has everything you’d expect from a brand new restaurant…slow staff, food mishaps, and longer wait times. BUT…That being said I’ve been here three times now in the past two months and each time it gets better ad better. Each[…]

  • Cicero Beverage Co.

    Bacon Bloody Mary Mix…well enough said I’m sold! Gotta say this was one of the more creative Bloody Mary mixes I’ve had in a long time. I always known bacon was a perfect garnish but for someone to add it[…]

  • Little Goat

    I hate to say it but this was not my favorite Bloody Mary….gotta say I love the spot but not so much the drinks. We waited about 45 min to eat which was expected and not an issue in our[…]

  • Lone Wolf

      I’ve walked past this bar about half a dozen times before actually trying it out. The truth is we were waiting for a dinner reservation at Little Goat and decided to stop in Lone Wolf for a Bloody while[…]

  • Tweet

    I’d heard of this spot a couple months ago and I’ve just been too darn lazy to make the trek to Uptown…this weekend the weather finally warmed up so I decided to go for a little adventure. I was not[…]

  • Hidden Treasure

    The name of this spot says it all…this place is a hidden treasure! Everything about this place was terrific. The Bloodys, seafood, and atmosphere were great. Plus it’s right on the intercostal river so you have plenty of great scenery.[…]

  • Siena Tavern

    Truffle anything always gets me going so when I saw the truffle scrambled eggs I was determined to check this spot out. I’ve also wanted to go here for dinner but had a hard time getting a reservation so figured[…]

  • The Barn

    I’d been to this place a bunch on Friday and Saturday nights but never for actual food. Always seems like a spot to meet my buddies on the weekend. That changed this summer when I was in need of some[…]

  • Glenn’s Diner

    I’d walked passed this spot many times in the past couple months and each time it looked better and better…I surely wasn’t let down when I tried Glenn’s Diner last Sunday. The restaurant is covered with chalk boards of seafood[…]

  • Frasca Pizzeria

    This is still one of my favorites spots for Bloodys, brunch, or amazing pasta…pretty much whatever you want. We typically go for brunch but every time I go for dinner I’m always more than pleased….I typically get the pizza which[…]

  • Four Moon Tavern

    Safe to say over the years I’ve been in a lot of local neighborhood bars all over the Midwest….Four Moons without a doubt takes the cake. I’ve been going here for years and it still hasn’t let me down. The[…]

  • Atlas Brewing

    Brewery tour then killer good Bloodys…what else could you ask for? Gotta say this Brewery has just shot up to the one of the top spots on the list. We got a private beer tour from Wylie(manager) that was informative[…]

  • Hash House a Go-Go

    Hash House a Go-Go wasn’t my favorite restaurant at first…the first time I went the portion was too overwhelming and the Bloody was so-so. But since going another three times I think I’ve mastered this place. Now I’m prepared to[…]

  • Cheesie’s Pub & Grub

    Guess I shouldn’t have expected an amazing Bloody from this place but it wasn’t horrible..pretty decent. Not much to the garnishes but a couple olives…guess I should expect that from a grilled cheese joint. The food is what I’ll go[…]

  • NorthDown Taproom

    I have to say this place is hit or miss. I’ve been here about four times now and either the service is off or the food is not where it needs to be. That being said…my last visit was one[…]

  • 3rd Coast

    3rd Coast is a brunch spot I can safely say I’ll be eating at again. The quick service and no wait for a table make it an enticing place on the run. The Bloody Mary was also terrific. Mix was[…]




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